Which approach fits best?

Get the right data in the right place. Here are 4 ways to fuse and use your product data.



“Makersite” is how we call our data integration, analysis and collaboration platform. We use native cloud technologies that can be deployed in the cloud, in hybrid or in dedicated, on-premise environments. If your interested in our cloud platform, sign up on www.makersite.net to keep up-to-date on our 2017 go-live.

Makersite custom deployment


The Makersite platform is engineered for configuration and rapid deployment. However, we support custom solutions for customers with particular requirements. For example Industry Associations who require confidential data aggregation on behalf of member companies. Contact us for more.

Connect Data via API

If it’s the Makersite data is what you are after to power your design applications, this is for you. Makersite was engineered to be open to other applications such as PLM, CAD or BIM systems. Contact us about our system integration APIs and services.

Data integrations

Are you looking to mesh additional data sources via the Makersite platform? Our data integrations help integrate the data and configure the right analytic views.We can render information in a browser or in any BI software you may already have.