Lightning fast.

  • Stateless

    Mattermaps© are computationally intensive to calculate and so to avoid bottlenecks with increased number of users, we built it as a stateless cloud-based application that scales seamlessly across hardware. More users, more power, automatically.
    All this means that we can not only store petabytes of information and scale up resources to match demand, but we can also do this across geographies to optimize for latencies.

  • Graph database

    We use a graph database at the core to store and crunch the vast amounts of connected data that represents exchanges with and within the global industrial network. This guarantees that we can maintain constant speed at scale – whether one, a million or a billion database records.
    We are deployed in a multi-master architecture with automatic sharding. This means that our infrastructure will grow with our data supporting petabytes of information without a drop in performance. Enough transaction power for the world’s industrial operating system.

  • Built for speed

    Speed is relative, but we are relatively fast. Really fast. was engineered from the ground up with performance as a key specification. Mattermaps© are calculated and rendered in milliseconds which means that users can switch between environmental, costs or toxicity views of products, instantly. We achieved this by putting the data architecture before the application architecture.

Dynamic Data Integration©
  • Artificial Intelligence

    We employ cutting-edge techniques in artificial intelligence in combination with human curation and quality control to connect different sources of data at scale.

  • Schema-less data model

    We utilize a schema-less, scalable data model that can adapt to new product dimensions at ease and surface it through a secure API system for other applications to connect to. We refer to this capability as Dynamic Data Integration©. the Makersite platform API is scalable and is capable of handling thousands of requests per second. This approach enables loss-less two-way integration between multiple systems e.g. allowing an update made to the design of a product to be reflected in procurement, production as well as environmental management, and approvals to feed back to the designer

  • BYOT

    We don’t know it all and we can’t do it all. Build Your Own Tools on top of our APIs to enable new use-cases and let us take care of the data crunching.


A new security paradigm: record-level security – protect your IP at the data object level.
  • Record-level security

    Unlike most applications today, we employ security not just at the application level i.e. the application takes care of what data a user has access to, but at the data record level. We protect data as well as the application from unauthorized access, independently. This means for a user, restricted data is not just inaccessible, it is invisible and even if the application we to be compromised, data would still be secure.
    With growing complexity of applications and as new third-party applications are built on top of our APIs, we believe this approach to provide unparalleled safeguards against data leakage allowing users to collaborate freely, rest assured that their confidential data, stays that way.

  • Collaborate in confidence

    When dealing with corporate data, the guarantee of confidentiality is paramount. But the solution to the problem of disconnected data, which is at the root of our mission as a company, is essentially collaboration. Collaboration not just within a company, but between companies and other stakeholders. This contradiction of both protecting data and encouraging collaboration amplifies the security challenge. We overcome this challenge by focusing on the data itself.

  • Multi-tenant

    As a cloud application, we are implicitly a multi-user system. However, we also support organization-based multi-tenancy whereby a company could separate their data, physically if necessary, from the global repository. This would enable more open collaboration within the organization while providing a greater separation from users outside the company.

  • Visualization

    Product information shouldn’t have to live in text blobs. We bridge the gap to the real thing by making everything visual, interactive and beautiful.

  • Responsiveness

    We use modern web technologies to make sure that our apps look good, and work well on all devices and all browsers.

  • Lean, smart apps

    We are fanatics about design and ease of use. But building an application that connects people though data is a challenge. We are approaching this challenge by keeping applications lean. Smaller apps, designed with a specific use in mind, that use the same data model and APIs to render information to different people, differently.