Connect with, our lightning-fast industrial data platform.

We maintain the largest data inventory of industrial processes in the cloud. Those are reference models of thousands of processes, products and resources, together with their attributes, such as environmental impacts or compliance risks.
Your organization has lots of data, too. Some is structured, in core operational systems like ERP, CAD, PLM, BIM or CRM. Some is unstructured, in spreadsheets, documents or images.
Connect your data to ours and magic happens. You will instantly boost insights on risk, compliance, environment or costs.
Once your model has been created, data flows continuously from sources into your everycs account. Security rules are applied along the way, so data is only accessible to authorized users.
Data flows are instantly transformed into meaningful answers. Answers about products, people, places, projects and profits – and the connections between them.

Collect the data you’re missing.

In large organizations leaders often say  “if only we knew, what we know”. Well, now that you actually do know what you know, let’s find important “unknowns”. Working closely with you, our data engineers will help close knowledge gaps. That data can come from you, external providers, or our data engineers. We integrate with existing product data collection tools like BOMCheck, SEDEX, IPoint, IMDS or others. We will complete a single, integrated data landscape of your product, inclusive of your network of suppliers.
This step typically takes a few weeks, not years.



Once data flows freely and securely, it is time to reduce friction further. Now we enable seamless collaboration around product data across teams, supply chains and customers. We seamlessly connect “upstream” supply chain and “downstream” customer data to reduce friction between your teams and their networks.
There are 3 ways to do that.

  • Users interact with data through a variety of integrated apps built on top of the everycs platform.

  • We deliver that insight via the tools and applications that people use every day to do their job.

  • We fuse data into configurable, role based interfaces you can run in a browser.

We integrate with your project management tools to run activities that span across the value change.


Users can search across all of their relevant data sources at once, visualize relationships, discover unknown connections, bring hidden patterns to the surface, and share insights with their network – securely. We’re obsessed with fast, user friendly interfaces that are made for results.
Integrated reporting


We keep the end in mind: your objective is to run an efficient business and succeed in the marketplace. We pre-packaged analytic services you can deploy. Click here to see the list and the business value they give you. Solutions mostly fall into either topline effective or bottom line effective solutions.
Top line is about Growth,  Brand, and Innovation.  These are analytics that help with integrated reporting, sustainability initiatives or new business opportunities. Bottom line is  about Operations,  Risk  and Cost. These are analytics that support compliance, material cost optimization, waste or energy reduction programs.